To create your ancestry heritage heirloom album, select vintage family photos, colour photos from the 70s, 80s and 90s, and digital photos from the last 15 years. Imagine the excitement of the younger generation being included in their 100+ year’s family history. The goal is to create a photo story from as far back as you can go, through to 2020.

Our suggestion is that you nominate a family member who has the time and passion to collate all the family photos. Send all the photos from each family to this one person. Then arrange a family gathering, if distance is a problem due to COVID-19 then do a Zoom or Facebook style conference meeting via your mobile devices or computer.

This is where your family story builds, because the older generations can identify people, places and dates in each photo.

TIP Use a soft HB pencil to number the back of each photo.

Download our Photo List to record all the details and send to us with your photos. CLICK HERE

We make it easy, post your photos to us and we do the rest.
Po Box 797, Maleny, Queensland 4552

If you want to personally deliver your photos to our studio in Maleny please call 0455 500 007 to make an appointment.


Each photo, negative or slide is custom scanned to enhance and optimize the image, restoring their brightness and lustre.

On some older photos they may have scratches, water marks and defects. Once we view them we can provide a quote to restore and fix problems. Some colour photos fade over time and we can restore the colour close to its original state.

Negatives and slides often have scratches and dust spots, these can also be removed before being printed.

View the image sample to see how damage can be fixed.

Scans & Design

Then the time consuming part begins, we design your photo Album collating the photos and text you provide.

This where we create your family story by combining photos with details of names, places, D.O.B. and any notes you supply. The objective is to combine various parts of your family tree anywhere from 1900 onwards up to 2020 so the current generation is included.

Once finished the family can then view the album online prior to printing and make any suggestions, comments, and most importantly checking the correct spelling of names and places.

Choose Your Album

Select from three different sized albums: 10x7ins, 10x14ins and 10x18ins. This is the size of the closed album.

As a guideline the small album averages approximately 60 photos, medium album approx 80 photos and the large album 110 photos. Each album has two single pages and nine double page spreads for the base price. Because each album is custom made you can add an extra spread to each album to a maximum size of 30 spreads (60 pages).

Additional albums can be ordered for family members at half price.

Choose Your Album Cover

Select from four different leather colours. The album covers are the highest quality cured and treated leather. We know that if looked after they have longevity of a hundred years.

We have leather albums in the studio that are 40 years old and still in pristine condition.

These custom book bound albums are made from the highest quality Museum grade materials to ensure they can be enjoyed by future generations.

Album Cover Foil Embossing

A nice addition is to have the family name in gold or silver foil embossed on the leather cover.

This looks very stylish and classical making a strong statement about your family.

It is custom designed for either one or two family names (depending on how many characters in the name). Select either Gold or Silver and a choice of 4 font styles.

A proof is provided for your approval before we make the block for embossing.