About Clive Waring – Director & Founder

A bit about the history of Clive, one of Australia’s senior photographic industry professionals; Clive is still actively engaged in many facets of the photography industry.

Clive jokes that in his own right he is a family heirloom! In 1975 he did short courses in photography at his local college in Salisbury UK. Once he had learnt how to develop film and print in the darkroom his career began. At that time the transition was being made from Black & White fibre art paper to resin paper, and soon after the transition to commercial colour paper. Yes he still has his own original negatives in pristine condition from 1976.

As a trained professional and member of Industry associations he has had the experience of photographing more than 400 weddings and 70,000 portrait sessions in studios from Sydney, London, Hamburg, Brisbane, and now magical Maleny; and still loves what he does with a passion. During his career he spent several years as a technical consultant for Polaroid training photographic departments in Queensland Transport, Health, Research and Forensic.

In 1998 he founded the Silvershotz group of companies, based out of Brisbane, importing and distributing photographic products from the UK and Europe. During that time he also established and published the Silvershotz photography art magazine from his UK office which eventually grew to a distribution in 1400 bookstores in 47 countries. The 100th and final magazine was published in November 2019.

Tap into a wealth of knowledge

Clive surprises many people with his boundless energy and enthusiasm for anything photographic. Photography is his passion and life, and he is now at that stage of life where he has wants to share his vast knowledge with others and provide helpful insights, advice and guidance. Clive has created his own Family Bible with images from 1882 to 2020. He knows and understands heritage. “ I feel so honoured to be one of the few people who has held the first negative created in 1839 by Henry Fox Talbot, and toured the Conservation by Design factory (by appointment to Her Majesty) producing Museum grade conservation products for Museums and Art galleries.” Clive uses their products to store his prints and negatives.

You are in the best hands in Australia to preserve your family heritage photos and current digital images in one album for the next four generations.

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